Data science has played a great role in changing the ways of decision making for organizations today. In this digital era, if data science is used effectively, it can help a business grown faster and get a competitive edge over other businesses. As with its right application, you can build potent business models and get predictions which will help you make smarter decisions across all the aspects of your organization.

With technological advancements, there is a massive and constant flow of data that is being received by organizations. In order to capitalize this data and take value out of it, organizations have to hire data scientists. Data scientists use their statistical, analytical as well as programming skills in the pursuance of collecting, evaluating along with interpreting large sets of data. This information is then utilized for coming up with data-driven explanations to solve challenges faced by businesses.  

Data scientists are extremely valuable for organizations that are trying to succeed in today’s business environment by leveraging data. A report by IBM states that the demand for data scientists will expand by 28 percent by the year 2020.So, this is the perfect time for beginning a career in big data with data scientist being so high on demand these days.

In the same report, it has been mentioned that all the big data-related jobs are paying really well. If you have machine learning skills, then you can expect your salary to be around $114,000. Furthermore, data scientists and data engineering jobs pay around $105,000 and $117,000 respectively.

There are a variety of institutes today that are offering data science certifications. These certification courses can provide you with the data literacy that you require to stay ahead of your competition and get a decent job in this field. You will learn to effectively produce business value using analytical methodologies.

If you choose to do a big data and analytics certification program, you will gain the knowledge as well as skills for assembling and managing big data analytics related projects. Moreover, you will get an understanding of refined predictive algorithms which are applied in data science.

Big data certification course methodology

After you join a big data certification program, you will have to go through a number of exercises as well as workshops and will receive the opportunity to test and apply procedures and practical approaches which you will learn during the program.

The course will help you develop a strong power judgment to determine the areas of your company that need to be improved with the help of implementations driven by big data and also the kind of improvements that are possible to make through such analytical measures. At the time of completion of the program, you will be ready with a prosecutable big data plan which can act as a blueprint for making companywide changes.

What can you take away from big data & analytics certifications?

There is a lot of valuable information that you will learn by the end of the course such as:

•    The management of big data-driven actions within your organization.

•    The identification of big data technologies as well as analytical processes that can produce value for your   organization.

•    The identification of necessary data professional functions and responsibilities in order to assemble a fully developed team for big data analytics.

•    The deployment of an intelligently constructed analytical approach to produce business value.

Required Qualifications for the course

Most of the big data and analytics certification programs are designed experienced professionals working with data such as:

•    database administrators

•    system administrators

•    business analysts

•    business intelligence specialists

It is advisable to attain experience in evaluating data in Excel and an understanding of the usage of Excel pivot tables.