How To Choose Basketball Shoes – Easy But Difficult

For those who play basketball or any other sport, shoes are an important accessory. Long-time players may know the criteria for choosing shoes. But if you are a new player, in the middle of the variety of basketball shoes, you will wonder what you wear, and what shoes are suitable for your feet. The following article will help you know how to choose basketball shoes.

Know your exact shoe size

With a normal shoe, you can wear 0.5 sizes larger or smaller. But with a basketball shoe, wearing the correct shoe size will give you a comfortable feel and you will not slip inside the shoe. If you wear shoes that are too wide or irritate, your toes might lead to pain or even damage to your nails. Thorough research about shoe size as well as your foot size will help you a lot in choosing shoes. Remember to refer to the brand’s shoe size chart to have a comparison. Take a look at this Foot Locker shoe size chart

Choose a shoe style that is comfortable to wear

Some people believe that basketball shoes need to have a high collar to protect the ankle from injury. This is only partially true when high-top shoes will limit the flip of the ankle (turning the shirt). It does not mean that low-heeled shoes are more prone to flipping the shirt. The injury is unintended and it depends on the style of each person. You like shoes with a low top, mid top or high top, it doesn’t matter. When you wear them, the shoes don’t hurt your feet and don’t give you a loose feeling. If you feel completely comfortable wearing those shoes, choose them.

How to choose basketball shoes: The material

The material of shoes is also very diverse, from leather, synthetic material, Foamposite, mesh, etc. Material also plays an important part in creating comfort for the wearer. Some materials need time to stretch to the shape of the wearer’s foot (called break-in time). Two types of materials that often take place in this process are Foamposite and synthetic. The advantage of these two materials is that the foot hug and the lockdown are extremely good. And in other materials, the lockdown depends on whether the laces are tight or not. Some shoes like the hyperdunk use flywire technology to increase lockdown, later shoes use combined technology like the KD7 with a flywire system on the side of the foot. Hyperposite in the heel to protect the ankle, reducing break in time but still retaining good foot lockdown and not slipping in the shoe.

How to choose basketball shoes: Choosing cushioning

Cushioning is also another crucial factor. There are quite a few types of cushioning from many brands, and you just have to find, try, feel.
If you like to wear shoes that bring the feeling of being barefoot, you should choose low-profile shoes. In return, you will not feel the comfort of the cushion. If you have knee problems, then high-profile shoes with thick cushioning will solve the problem. All are intended to create comfort for the wearer so that they can roam on the field with the greatest ease.

Choose shoes that match the surface of the court

If you choose a pair of shoes with a thin outsole, the change of shoes is only a month or so later. If you have enough budget, buy 2 pairs of shoes. One pair for playing and practicing on the “rocky” courts, the other pair for friendly matches. If you can’t, look for shoes that use XDR or translucent soles. At least it will withstand this court surface longer than the other normal rubber soles. If the court is slippery, look for shoes with a traction pattern in the form of herringbone traction.

  • The KD line of shoes is one of the shoes with a sole that is durable enough to be able to play on cement courts.
  • Hyperdunk is also a line of shoes at an affordable price but is highly appreciated and can play well on both indoor and outdoor courts.
  • AND1 is a popular but extremely durable shoe line because it is made for streetball players.

Wear the right shoes to play basketball

Some new players tend to wear tennis shoes to play basketball, but if they play for a long time, it will be easy to get injured. In addition, shoes used for running or cross-training should also be worn or better not worn because the design of these shoes is not suitable for basketball. 

Don’t stick to a brand just because someone else has it

Always following people’s choices is not how to choose basketball shoes. Sometimes the brand you hear a lot about does not bring the comfort you want with other brands. You should remember on the football field, it is extremely important to have your feet comfortable. Your feet will work at full capacity, footwork exercises will cause your feet to ache or even hurt just because the shoes you wear are not suitable for your feet. Maybe for one person, Nike feels comfortable, but for another Foot Locker is better. Everyone has their own way of feeling, you accept that opinion but also have to see if it suits you.

A “genuine” shoe does not mean it will help you become a “superman” on the field

If you want to be good at something, you’ll have to practice, practice and practice. Even though you have had talent since childhood doesn’t mean you can do it without study or practice. Basketball is the same, you should remember that shoes are just an important accessory or just a tool. Only practice can turn you into a superhero carrying the team.

Finally, I hope you will find yourself a pair of basketball shoes to be able to roam the field with the orange ball. If you have any questions about how to choose basketball shoes, please raise them and I will help you along the way with what I know.