The Digital marketing Analyst is definitely an important guy in the industry. He is the one who visualizes and creates the online marketing campaigns, measures and frames it with strategies and puts it in different channels for capturing the market. The role of the guy is obviously very crucial and influential.   Though having such able people in the industry remains a challenge in many parts of the Globe, it is not so in the Digital marketing Company in Jaipur. 

The Digital marketing analyst has to work out for marketing in various channels like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per click (PPC), Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. 

Roles and Responsibilities of the Digital marketing Analyst

The analyst creates measures and analyses the different channels for online marketing. His roles and responsibilities will therefore include the following:

  • Identify the objectives and define strategies to achieve goals.
  • Perform marketing and lead generation through emails. Send email messages, marketing campaigns, event invitations, announcements and newsletters to the concerned parties. 
  • Ensure that the laws and standards pertaining to emails are maintained. 
  • Ensure that the CRM is maintained with proper updates being sent at regular intervals.
  • Make efforts to make effective marketing strategies in the mailing lists, blogs, websites, intranet and content management. 
  • Assist and guide in developing, launching and maintaining WordPress blogs, micro sites and campaign analytics.
  • Coordinating with lawyers and business professionals for the effective marketing management as required. 
  • Update the company websites and insert information where ever required using Site core, HTML coding and CMS. Guide the other users of Site core. Support website optimization.
  • Suggest improvements in the business processes and procedures including the departmental systems that come to his notice and observation.
  • Assist and guide in the preparation of the designing, producing and distributing specific departmental reports
  • Apply tools like CRM, Google Analytics, social media management platforms for creating and analyzing reports
  • Track Key Performance Indicators for the campaigns. 
  • Analyze the behavior of the online consumers and provide insights.
  • Analyze the key performance issues
  • Manage supplier relationship if required

The roles and responsibilities of the Digital marketing Analysts require him to be skilled in:

  • Business and marketing
  • Technical knowledge
  • Analysis

The digital marketing analyst should be inquisitive and analytical for the position. The data and insights presented by the analyst go in framing the strategies for digital marketing & find Website Development Company in Jaipur